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PostHeaderIcon Play-Doh Recipe Please & Thank you.?

Thanks in advance, I am a sitter, and want to try new things with the kids

PostHeaderIcon Is this play doh recipe inedible or toxic in any way?

My son is 2 and still eats crayons~ (yes I buy non-toxic and I supervise) so I thought I would ask before handing the stuff over to my kids.

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 1/2 teaspoons cream of tarter
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups water

*medium heat, stir consistently
+food coloring


I have been finding that there are edilble and inedible play doh mixtures..
I would rather that they didn’t eat it and wouldn’t make one meant to be eaten (at least not at this age where they have difficulty understanding the difference).. but if my son happens to eat some of it .. is that bad?

I am confused what makes some of them inedible seeing how they are all made of cooking ingredients. or is it just a matter of taste rather than being actually *inedible?*

thanks in advance!
Please note I ask this question because this recipe is marked as inedible. ~

I wondered what makes it inedible being these are ffod items.
*food* (spelling error lol)

PostHeaderIcon play-doh look like wood?

how can i make play-doh look like wood?
i saw something on food network where this guy used white, brown and black fondant
i have white, brown and black play-doh, but how do i make it look like wood?
thanks in advance! =]

PostHeaderIcon Leg cast and play-doh problem what should I do?

We have a problem here with my 4-year-old son’s leg cast, he was playing with some play-doh one moment and later when I saw him his cast had some play-doh spots on, practically all over the cast. The cast is going from the thigh down to his toes, the most play-doh is below the knee, in his ankle, foot and toes. What should I do?
Should I leave as it’s now or call his doctor for a new cast?
This happened yesterday evening, please help me. Please answer. Thanks in advance.

PostHeaderIcon What are some things I can make out of Play-doh for Easter?

Can you give me the link on how to do it, or even write the instructions down when you answer
Thanks in advance!

PostHeaderIcon How do you make edible playdough? . Any and all recipies will be appreciated.?

I know I can look it up online but I want to hear from parents who have had success with the recipe. Thanks in advance.

PostHeaderIcon How Can I make Play-Doh Soft again?

How Can I make Play-Doh soft again? Do i just add water? alcoholo? or what?

Thanks in advance,


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