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PostHeaderIcon Does anyone have a playdough recipe that is edible but does not need refrigerated?

I am looking for a playdough recipe that I can ship to my 3 year old brother for his birthday. He still puts everything in his mouth, so I want it to be edible but I have to send it across the country so it can’t be refrigerated. Anyone have a recipe like that?

PS-I have seen the MANY recipes online that don’t need refrigeration but they all contain alum which is apparently not edible

PostHeaderIcon Playdough recipe?¿?¿?

A playdough recipe call for cream of tarter. The problem is I don’t have cream of tartar right now. Is there anything that will replace the cream of tartar and will do the same thing??????
They have recipes and you can make playdough AT HOME

PostHeaderIcon How to create industrial strength playdough?

I need to know dose anybody know of a playdough recipe that could make a very durable play dough like substance?

PostHeaderIcon homemade playdough problem

I tried the playdough recipe on my corn starch container. I had to make it on the stove top. I followed the directions exactly but its still too sticky to use for play after cooling. I tried adding a little more corn starch and kneaded it like the directions said but its not helping. Does anyone have experience witht his type of play clay? any ideas on how I can fix it? I do have a different recipe I usually use with flour and it doesn’t involved cooking, so I might have to make that instead.

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