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PostHeaderIcon Does anyone know a recipe for Homeade Playdough???

Play dough

PostHeaderIcon need a real nice home made playdough recipe?

I have made lots of play dough, but would like to know how I can make it better. Have any recipes for me? Thanks

PostHeaderIcon Can you use playdough to make a pipe for weed?

I going on vacation but i want to smoke over there. I dont have a pipe but i thought i could use play dough. I was wondering is the playdough going to melt? First, i let the playdough dry until it is as hard as rock. Will it melt when it is dry and hard?

PostHeaderIcon How to create industrial strength playdough?

I need to know dose anybody know of a playdough recipe that could make a very durable play dough like substance?

PostHeaderIcon How do I bake play doh?

I am having the kids put their hand print in play dough and then baking it in the oven so it will get hard and they can paint them…i’ve never done it before and so i can’t find it online…

Does anyone know how…
What temp do i bake it at and how long

PostHeaderIcon is making playdough at home really easy?

well i’m 15 and i want to make some play dough just for the fun of it because when i was little it was so soft and colorful and i just loved to eat some of it (not anymore though) but what are the odds of making a mess or mistake while making it? do i really need cream of tartar for this?

PostHeaderIcon How come play-doh smells so good?

dat stuf smells gewd my sister got some today and i thought hmm ths smells good

can yuo think of something that smells better than play dough

PostHeaderIcon DNA model using playdoh? HELP!!!?

ok well i bought about 4 avarage sized cans of playdoh because i needed it to make a 3D model of DNA but i am having a lot of trouble making a double helix because the playdoh isn’t very well EVEN WITH TOOTHPICKS!!! i have tried just toothpick with play dough and then i tried taking two toothpicks ,covering them with playdoh and then tried just one toothpick not using much playdoh, but nothing seems to work!! what do i do? should i change my materials? if i should, what should i use? if you have found anysites or any pictures that could help me with my situation..pla post them…
So you are saying put it in a ladder form(which i have already done) and then twist it after its dry to make a double helix?
Did i for get to mention.. it HAS to be in a double-helix

PostHeaderIcon how can i make a totem pole from play doh?

Okay, for my project i need to make a Totem pole about my life using play dough, like friends,people,family,religion….etc so, does anyone have any ideas of what things i can use??

PostHeaderIcon how do i make playdough without baking it?

Im going to be a counselor in 4-H camp so I have to do a workshop on how to make non-bake play dough. so do you have any recipes that i can have for this workshop?

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