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PostHeaderIcon Is this play doh recipe inedible or toxic in any way?

My son is 2 and still eats crayons~ (yes I buy non-toxic and I supervise) so I thought I would ask before handing the stuff over to my kids.

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 1/2 teaspoons cream of tarter
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups water

*medium heat, stir consistently
+food coloring


I have been finding that there are edilble and inedible play doh mixtures..
I would rather that they didn’t eat it and wouldn’t make one meant to be eaten (at least not at this age where they have difficulty understanding the difference).. but if my son happens to eat some of it .. is that bad?

I am confused what makes some of them inedible seeing how they are all made of cooking ingredients. or is it just a matter of taste rather than being actually *inedible?*

thanks in advance!
Please note I ask this question because this recipe is marked as inedible. ~

I wondered what makes it inedible being these are ffod items.
*food* (spelling error lol)

PostHeaderIcon What play-doh recipe is the closest to actual play-doh that you buy?

Hi! I’ve made a few different play-doh’s before from different recipes but they seem to go gross and slimy and sticky if you don’t put them in the fridge after play (I mean like leaving it out on the counter even if you wrap it in cling wrap) I mean when you play with it its fine but maybe the next day its all gross. I thought the salt you put in it was supposed to be the preservative. I mean when you buy real play-doh you don’t have to put the tubs in the fridge…..just as long as you put them back in the tub. And yes I am aware I could go out and buy play-doh…..please helpful answers only…

PostHeaderIcon homemade clay? (not the play-doh recipe)?how to find it in the ground!?

hey, i would like to know how? and where? to look for pottery clay on the ground (such as my backyard)

could you please help me!

and please dont answer with the play-doh clay recipe,
i want real clay from the ground.

PostHeaderIcon Small french gift to give to a class (relevant to the philosopher Jean paul sartre)?

I have to do a project on a French philosopher named Jean Paul Sartre. We have to give basic information, theories, dress up like him, prepare a dish that is relevant to him ( chocolate mousse ), and have a gift for each of my classmates. I have no idea what my teacher meant by a gift, but one of my classmates is making play doh shapes. Any ideas?

PostHeaderIcon How would you make a 3D model of the Aztec city Tenochtitlan?

My class has to make a model of a scene from the history of Mexico, and I want to make a model of lake Texcoco with causeways, mountains, and the island city of Tenochtitlan (including the small villages around the lake. I was thinking of using blue Play-doh as water, and star wars monopoly pieces as buildings, but what can I use for the cities, causeways and chimpanas (or whatever the farms were called)? Thanks for the answers!

PostHeaderIcon What material can i use to make a 3D monkey?

I need to make a fairly accurate construction of a monkey and i dont want to use plasticine or play-doh
What are some different options and materials?

PostHeaderIcon What should I make out of play doh?

I want to make some really good play doh presents for family and friends what should I make in don’t want to make anything like animals or stuff like that I want to make something different and cool thxxx …….( happy holidays!)

PostHeaderIcon How do you make a model of the earth using clay?

For a school project we need to make models of earth using clay. Any ideas on how to do this w/ play-doh?

PostHeaderIcon What is 'Play-Doh' made out of?

Once again, I am doing a science project and and am seeing which clay dries the fastest. In order to do this, I need to see what the ingredients are in Play-Doh. It would be really helpful if you could tell me as soon as possible because my science project is due by the 29 of this month (March).

I need to know the ingredients in ‘Craft Smart’ and ‘Sculpey 3’ branded polymer clays too, so if you know please answer them too!

PostHeaderIcon Did you eat anything unusual as a kid?

I always had strange random cravings for Play-Doh. It had a salty taste to it. I remember making Play-Doh cookies.

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