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PostHeaderIcon Edible, no-cook playdough recipe.?

I need a play-dough recipe that is EDIBLE, NO COOKING REQUIRED, NO MILK PRODUCTS, NO PEANUT BUTTER. I run a daycare center and we have kids with certain allergies but I don’t want them to miss out on this fun activity! Any help!?!?

PostHeaderIcon Peanut Butter Playdough Homemade Recipe

PostHeaderIcon Edible playdough recipe?

What are some good recipes for edible playdough? All I’ve found is peanut butter dough or kool aid dough.

PostHeaderIcon Homemade recipe for Peanut butter playdoh? Can I keep it for 24 hours or more? How?

I am babysitting tomorrow, and I have a structured plan. I want to know if I can keep peanut butter playdoh for more than a day, and the recipe for it. Thanxx!

PostHeaderIcon which edible play dough should i make?

I am debating on either making kool-aid playdough or peanut butter playdough. does anybody know which one taste better? I do not like the idea of cream tartar being an ingredient for the kool-aid one. which one should i make?

PostHeaderIcon Edible playdoh recipes

I’m getting into cooking/baking things, and my brother would like me to make edible playdoh. It’s something a pre-school made us when we were little. Does anyone know any good recipes or a site where I can find one? Without peanut butter?

thank you.

PostHeaderIcon how do you make the homemade peanut butter for kids to play with?

i remember making it as a kid. its made with peanut butter but uts sweeter and you can play with it like playdoh then eat it asa snack.

PostHeaderIcon How to make edible play-doh? READ DESCRIPTION?

So i want to bond with my mom. plus im bored and hungry. i heard somewhere that you can make edible play doh. how do you make it? and could you give me a recipe that doesnt involve powdered milk or peanut butter? thanks!

PostHeaderIcon How can I make edibly playdough without peanut butter?

I’m doing a demonstrational speech on how to make edible playdough but we have peanut allergies in the class so I can’t use and "peanut based ingredients", or basically peanut butter. I was wondering if this is possible and are their any other fun edible ideas that I can make?

PostHeaderIcon what is the recipe for homemade playdough?

i heard you can make it with peanut butter but i cant find the recipe

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