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PostHeaderIcon Homemade Edible Peanut Butter Playdough Recipe please?

PostHeaderIcon Flour and salt play-doh?

I made a homemade playdoh with flour, salt and clay. But when I started playing with it, it’s soo sticky and it isnt’t even sturdy enough to make a model! Help please?

PostHeaderIcon Fun Ways To Entertain a 2 Year Old Boy? Lots of Ideas Please?

We do the outside thing, I have the tv shows he can watch (sorry, but PBS’s Super Why has taught him almost the whole alphabet), we color, paint, draw, chalk, jump on couch, make forts, bang on pots and pans, play fisher price online, build with legos, throw balls, read books, flash cards,

Need some new ideas.

Also, anyone have a homemade playdough recipe that works and doesn’t involve cornstarch or cream of tartar (I don’t have either)?

Thanks… I need to give him some new entertainment and I’m way pregnant so I can’t think of anything right now

PostHeaderIcon Homemade Playdough Recipe?

I’m looking for a homemade playdough recipe that doesn’t use cream of tartar or doesn’t need to go in the oven. I’m having trouble finding some.

Also, are there any other suggestions of something simple, but fun things to do like this???

Thanks everyone! 😀

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