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PostHeaderIcon What do I buy or use and how for my science project and pollution.?

I’m doing my project on stopping pollution,
I’m doing a model of it.4 of them.
Two of them showing good future if we clean the land and sea.
Two of them showing a bad future if we DON’T clean the land and sea.

I wanna make it colorful and attention grabbing.
I know I need glue to glue on the papers.And PlayDoh to make the models.
But what models do I make?
I don’t want to use those SHOW and DO that you bring it in and like pour oil over sand and water.
Oh,I have no access to open water or printing.But drawing I am great at.
My questions are:

What do I buy?
How do I USE it?

What can I use as my title?
How can I make it?

Please I need help!!!!!!

PostHeaderIcon Play doh ideas?

I need to make a play doh river for my science project lol so is there anyway I can keep it stuck to the cardboard? I was thinking of superglue or glue but I’m not sure if it’d exactly stick.

PostHeaderIcon How do I make homemade clay or playdough?

I used to have recipies for these but sometime during my move several years ago from the east coast to NW Arkansas I lost a bunch of crafting ideas. We’re in the middle of bad weather right now and want to give my two youngest some other things to do rather than glue to the lobotomy box (TV)

PostHeaderIcon if you glue gun playdoh to glass will it melt?

i have a project that i have to d. well i have to glue something on the inside of a glass so it still shows clearly through the other side. i was thinking to make the thingys inside out of playdoh and gluegun them but would that distort the image from the outside, and would the playdoh melt?

also does anyone have any suggestions as to what i could shape/mold and then stick on the inside or even for a better solution to a binding agent.

PostHeaderIcon What else can i make besides Playdough?

I made pink playdough with kool aid and I wanna know what else I can make for my lil sisters cuz i can tell they’re going to get bored soon.
Nothing that involves glue or scissors please

PostHeaderIcon How Do I make playdough/clay?

I don’t have flour, but I do have corn starch.
I don’t have cream of tartar.
I don’t have bread but I do have glue.

Is there anyway I can make a clay/ playdough that will harden?
I’m able to cook it, but I don’t want to really make a mess. If I have to, then I will.
never mind. i don’t have corn starch.
I have glutinous rice flour.

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