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PostHeaderIcon Edible playdough?

One year when I was young in elementary school, we all made a recipe of edible playdough. I recently wanted to make some for an event but I didn’t have the recipe. Does anyone know the recipe for edible playdough?

PostHeaderIcon really good edible playdough recipe?

does anybody know that recipe that kindof makes good edible playdough? i dont want the slimy goop. i remember a long time ago making something that wuz that playdough then i think if you left it out it would like dry into a cookie…does anyone know wat im talking about?

PostHeaderIcon Edible playdough recipe?

What are some good recipes for edible playdough? All I’ve found is peanut butter dough or kool aid dough.

PostHeaderIcon how do you make edible playdough and homeade food coloring?

how do you make edible playdough withOUT powdered milk and i don’t want to go out and buy food coloring; is there a homeade recipe that won’t ruin the taste of the edible playdough?

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