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PostHeaderIcon How long do homemade clay figurines last?

I’m interested in making figurines, but clay is expensive.
I’ve seen many recipes for bread dough, salt dough, cornstarch dough, etc. But I’m not sure if these are suitable to use.

Am I able to make somewhat larger sized figurines or only small ones? (Large meaning, maybe the size of a tissue box.)
Will they crack once dry?
Are these doughs suitable to use as clay? Can I expect them to keep shape, or are they like playdough and only meant to be toyed with?
If they do keep shape, would a bread dough figurine eventually grow mould?

Just basically, are these suitable to use like clay or Sculpeys?

PostHeaderIcon Can someone tell me a recipe for homemade playdoh that doesn't smell bad?

I tried to make some playdoh out o cornstarch and baking soda… I foud this recipe online….but it smells BAD… If someone could help…that would be great

PostHeaderIcon Is there anything I can put in Homemade Playdough to make it less watery?

I am out of flour and cornstarch/cornmeal, and I have no access to the grocery store right now. What can I do?

PostHeaderIcon Fun Ways To Entertain a 2 Year Old Boy? Lots of Ideas Please?

We do the outside thing, I have the tv shows he can watch (sorry, but PBS’s Super Why has taught him almost the whole alphabet), we color, paint, draw, chalk, jump on couch, make forts, bang on pots and pans, play fisher price online, build with legos, throw balls, read books, flash cards,

Need some new ideas.

Also, anyone have a homemade playdough recipe that works and doesn’t involve cornstarch or cream of tartar (I don’t have either)?

Thanks… I need to give him some new entertainment and I’m way pregnant so I can’t think of anything right now

PostHeaderIcon How do you make play doh using these particular ingredients?

Ok! So, i want to know how to make play doh only with flour, salt, and cooking oil.. no cream of tar tar or cornstarch!! please tell me! i need it by today!! thanks!

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