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PostHeaderIcon How do you make your own food coloring?

I’m using food coloring to make homemade play-doh for a project but sadly I ran out of food coloring and my mom is too lazy to get some. How can I make the following colors: brown, blue, and green? If I use cocoa power for the brown food coloring, would it work??

PostHeaderIcon Can you resuse playdoh and keep the colors separate?

I want to get the Play Doh TWIRL N TOP PIZZA SHOP kit for my 3yr old niece who loves to help make pizza with us. After making one or two pizzas is it easy to separate the colors back out, or more like a one time use and then everything is multi colored from then on? My faded memories of play doh are pretty much all mud colored.

PostHeaderIcon questions about play-doh?

my art teacher wants us to make some sort of sculpture, i want to use play-doh..i want to make a doll sculpture thing..

can i paint over the playdoh to color the clothes? will acrilic paint work?

if it doesnt work like that, then will making the doll out of skin colored playdoh and then covering it with other colors make the colors mix together?
i dont have the money for clay, see this is a school project dont need too much and wouldnt want to spend too much. besides i dont have the money for it.

PostHeaderIcon What can I do with my play-doh?

I have some new playdoh of all colors except blue. What can I make with it (raining tomorrow) HELP!

PostHeaderIcon how do i make black with these?

these 3 colors
red,green and blue
those are all i have for food dye colors and i need to make black playdough
or could i sue something else to color it?

PostHeaderIcon Poll: what can i make out of playdough with my sister?

We have green,white,red,purple,yellow and blue. Also we can mix the colors

PostHeaderIcon Play-doh question-how do you make crumbly, dried out play-doh good again? Or is it Play Dough?!?

I just threw away 2 colors of play-doh today-my daughter’s favorite hot pink and a blue! I bought her a bunch for Easter and now we’re down to like 8 colors and they’re all getting gross, too! I’m not rolling in cash right now, so I was wondering if there’s a way to save it! I tried adding a little water to a couple, but it made them slimy, more like clay than Play-doh! It feels like such a waste to throw them away when I know there has to be some way too bring them back to their original consistancy again! Especially when she saw her favorite hot pink go in the trash!

Any advice would be so great!
Is this in the right category?!

PostHeaderIcon What color do you get when you mix all play-doh colors?

My honors bio teacher (best teacher in the world!) gave us an extra credit question on a test… What color do you get if you mix play-doh? all the colors! not just 2 or 3!

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