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PostHeaderIcon How do I make edible play dough and paint without nuts or peanuts?

Does anyone have recipes for edible playdough, fingerpaints, or bubbles? My toddler is not allowed to eat nuts or chocolate yet.
My doctor said not to introduce nuts or chocolate until he’s 2, because early introduction might make allergies more likely.

PostHeaderIcon how can you make edible chocolate playdough ?

Whats the recipe for making edible chocolate playdough.

PostHeaderIcon Is it safe to use play-doh to make chocolate molds?

I know that I have to bake the play-doh first to make it harden, but my concern is will there be chemicals in playdoh that could contaminate the chocolate?

PostHeaderIcon Do you ever make play doh casts of your privates?

Or do you prefer molding chocolate?

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