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PostHeaderIcon Worst babysitting job?

So the other day while I was babysitting, this kid threw up EVERYWHERE, all over me. His brother threw a remote at my head, giving me a giant bump, and then proceeded to color all over the walls with crayons while I was cleaning up the other one. To make matters much worse, they got playdoh all over the carpet when I was trying to clean up the puke!!!!! Any worse experiences?

PostHeaderIcon Does anyone know a good way to get play- doh out of carpet?

What if it’s already dried to the carpet?
Thanks to all who answered, but it’s actually right on the website provided by Shawne and Lexi. Thank you, I did not even think of looking there!

PostHeaderIcon So, how do you get Play-Doh out of vintage shag carpet?

Augh! If it were ONLY Play-Doh! IF ONLY! I discovered some idiot gave Schlitzie modeling clay. not Play-Doh…it is sticky, gooey, and never ever dries out.
NOTHING takes modeling clay out of carpet- NOTHING! What am I gonna do? I borrowed this tin can from Mr. Barnum. They don’t make double-wide Airstreams. Will laquer thinner work???

PostHeaderIcon How do you get Play-Doh out of a carpet?

My little sister got hot pink play-doh in the carpet and it won’t come out! any good ways to get it out?

PostHeaderIcon Any suggestions for getting dried PlayDoh out of berber carpeting?

My children decided the carpet would make interesting designs on their PlayDoh, and before I knew it, it had dried on. It is approximately 7 inches in diameter! HELP!!!

PostHeaderIcon Can my son play with his Play-Doh on tile without ruining the tile?

We just moved to a new house with carpet. Obviously, he cannot use the Play-Doh on the carpet. The only other option is the dining room tile floor. But will the Play-Doh ruin the tile?

Any ideas on where I can let my son play with the Play-Doh?
That is, on what kind of surface.

PostHeaderIcon How do you get dried play doh out of carpet?

Per other suggestions I have tried brushing it out with a stiff brush after it dried, and this only removed little bits of it. Most of it is still there, and it is pretty much stuck around the individual fibers of the carpet. The carpeting is new if this helps any with cleaning suggestions.

PostHeaderIcon How can I get play-doh out of the carpet?

I need some suggestions for removing play-doh from my carpet.

PostHeaderIcon my daughter had gotten play-doh stuck in the carpet?

how do i get it out, i have light tan carpet(standard apt stuff) and the play-doh is pink and purple. i should tell you it was a full can and she was stepping on it to get it flat…..ugh! anyway, can anyone help?

PostHeaderIcon How do I remove play doh from my carpet?

I have red play doh imbedded in my tan carpet, how do I get it out without ruining the carpet?

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