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PostHeaderIcon Am I being petty? Playdates?

My friend has 2 children, 3 yrs and 18 months and likes to come over for playdates with my 3yr old. I really like them all but am begining to dread the visits. I am alone with a small child, I work and have no relatives in this country. My husband works overseas too. The problem is that they come to my home which is spotless and just trash everything. I have very expensive curtains and the kids are pulling on them, dragging bedding out of my child’s room, playdoh trod into expensive persian rugs, food and drink everywhere – it’s insane. They behave like that at home but their mother doesn’t mind because she pays for a cleaner plus she doesn’t work. I find it hard to stay on top of everything as it is by myself plus I don’t like having things that we worked hard for just trashed. Am I being petty? I feel like an old grouch but I like to get ahead on weekends, not have someone come in and make more mess.
I should add that when I go to their house, I clear the table, vaccum any mess etc. I even stopped buying playdoh for my son because it just keeps getting wasted.
There is a playroom just off the living room and every single thing is hurled everywhere. I found ants in there a few days after a visit and when I looked further, there was half eaten sausage that the child had left.

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