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PostHeaderIcon how to dry play-doh without the cracks?

ok well i lost my pig shaped piggy bank, so i decided i wanted to make my own. i dont have clay and i dont plan on buying any. so i want to use play-doh but i know it cracks wen it dries. is there any way i can get the play-doh to harden without it cracking??

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3 Responses to “how to dry play-doh without the cracks?”

  • Diane B. says:

    I think it would be best to dry it as slowly as possible to avoid cracks.

    It’s not intended to be dried, but there are other air-dry clays that won’t crack, or as easily…. things you can make like salt dough clay and bread clay, and clays you can buy like Creative Paperclay, Makins, Mexican Pottery Clay, Model Magic, Celluclay, etc.

    Diane B.

  • Kennedy says:

    i think if you put like a protected cover over it, it wont crack…
    like use clear wrap. but clay is better

  • Libby W says:

    Not really, it isn’t meant to work that way. It probably wouldn’t be very durable either.

    Crayola makes air dry clay that is pretty inexpensive, just in case you do decide to buy something.

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