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PostHeaderIcon Stone Creek Wall Decals

If you haven’t seen this site, I would highly recommend taking a minute!

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PostHeaderIcon Play-Doh Recipe Please & Thank you.?

Thanks in advance, I am a sitter, and want to try new things with the kids

PostHeaderIcon I need a playdough recipe that does NOT use cream of tarter.?

I went to make it and I don’t have Cream of Tarter.

PostHeaderIcon Is this play doh recipe inedible or toxic in any way?

My son is 2 and still eats crayons~ (yes I buy non-toxic and I supervise) so I thought I would ask before handing the stuff over to my kids.

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 1/2 teaspoons cream of tarter
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups water

*medium heat, stir consistently
+food coloring


I have been finding that there are edilble and inedible play doh mixtures..
I would rather that they didn’t eat it and wouldn’t make one meant to be eaten (at least not at this age where they have difficulty understanding the difference).. but if my son happens to eat some of it .. is that bad?

I am confused what makes some of them inedible seeing how they are all made of cooking ingredients. or is it just a matter of taste rather than being actually *inedible?*

thanks in advance!
Please note I ask this question because this recipe is marked as inedible. ~

I wondered what makes it inedible being these are ffod items.
*food* (spelling error lol)

PostHeaderIcon really good edible playdough recipe?

does anybody know that recipe that kindof makes good edible playdough? i dont want the slimy goop. i remember a long time ago making something that wuz that playdough then i think if you left it out it would like dry into a cookie…does anyone know wat im talking about?

PostHeaderIcon need a real nice home made playdough recipe?

I have made lots of play dough, but would like to know how I can make it better. Have any recipes for me? Thanks

PostHeaderIcon Homemade Play Doh Recipe??

I need a recipe for homemade PlayDoh. Doesn’t matter what kind, you can give creative answers if you want. Or simple.

PostHeaderIcon What would happen if they started mixing C-4 in the playdough recipe?

sounds like a bad idea to me.

PostHeaderIcon What play-doh recipe is the closest to actual play-doh that you buy?

Hi! I’ve made a few different play-doh’s before from different recipes but they seem to go gross and slimy and sticky if you don’t put them in the fridge after play (I mean like leaving it out on the counter even if you wrap it in cling wrap) I mean when you play with it its fine but maybe the next day its all gross. I thought the salt you put in it was supposed to be the preservative. I mean when you buy real play-doh you don’t have to put the tubs in the fridge…..just as long as you put them back in the tub. And yes I am aware I could go out and buy play-doh…..please helpful answers only…

PostHeaderIcon Edible playdough recipe?

What are some good recipes for edible playdough? All I’ve found is peanut butter dough or kool aid dough.

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