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PostHeaderIcon peanut butter play dough recipe?

Okay, so i want to make peanut butter playdough, but every recipe has peanut butter, powdered milk and honey. I have honey and peanut butter but NO powered milk. i have powered sugar. would that work? does anyone know any recipes without the powered milk? please and THANK YOU!

PostHeaderIcon Any good playdough recipes?

Tried and true only please.

PostHeaderIcon Edible playdough?

One year when I was young in elementary school, we all made a recipe of edible playdough. I recently wanted to make some for an event but I didn’t have the recipe. Does anyone know the recipe for edible playdough?

PostHeaderIcon Does anyone know a recipe for Homeade Playdough???

Play dough

PostHeaderIcon ok i want a recipe 4 homade playdough?

im loookin for sumthing without cream of tartar and sumthing more unusual than salt dough or just flour and water

PostHeaderIcon does anyone have a recipe for homeade playdough?

I know that you cook it on the stove….

PostHeaderIcon Does anyone know a good playdough recipe?

I tried making play dough today with my 2 toddlers with a recipe that I found online it was cream of tartar, flour, salt, and warm water, and food coloring stirred over medium heat. However, when I tried it, it didn’t turn out right, it was way too sticky. Does anyone know of a good recipe for it?

PostHeaderIcon playdough recipe uncooked?

is there a substitute ingredient i can use for cream of tartar.
want to make it with the kids under my care.

PostHeaderIcon i need a recipe for playdough that you do not have to cook?

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